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Under a Summer Skye - The Skye Sisters Trilogy Book 1 - Sue Moorcroft 

Under a Summer Skye – The Skye Sisters Trilogy Book 1 – Sue Moorcroft 

A Scottish island. A stranger from the mainland. A summer of possibilities…

A chance encounter is about to change everything for Thea Wynter.

The moment she arrived on the Isle of Skye, life changed for Thea. Running from a succession of wrong turns, she comes to the island in search of blue sea, endless skies, and mountains that make the heart soar. Here, she feels at peace.

The Un-Retirement - Penny Mirren

The Un-Retirement – Penny Mirren

Meet foodie Maggie Lawford.

After spending her retirement travelling the world, she’s home again – and ready for a new adventure.

When Maggie’s daughter, Hannah, takes her to visit their favourite local restaurant, Maggie is heartbroken to find the place empty. But the last straw comes when Maggie realises the chef is at his wit’s end – she can’t resist charging into the kitchen and taking matters into her own hands.

The Second Chance - Charlotte Butterfield

The Second Chance – Charlotte Butterfield

Nell has always known her expiry date.

After a psychic predicted her death date twenty years ago, she has lived life accepting she would never see forty – embracing adventure and travelling the world, choosing fun over commitment and laying down roots.

The Lifeline - Libby Page

The Lifeline – Libby Page

'Everybody needs saving sometimes...'

For Kate, having a newborn baby means she is almost never alone. But that doesn't mean she isn't lonely. The move from London to Somerset with her husband Jay was supposed be the start of an exciting new chapter. But sometimes she can't help but wonder if she turned the pages too soon . . .

Meet Me When My Heart Stops - Becky Hunter

Meet Me When My Heart Stops – Becky Hunter

What if your soulmate could only ever be the love of your afterlife? The first time Emery's heart stops, she is only five years old...

Emery is born with a heart condition that means her heart could quite literally stop at any moment.

The Secret Beach - Veronica Henry

The Secret Beach – Veronica Henry

Twenty years.
One secret.
A promise never to tell...

Nikki finally owns the little coastguard cottage of her dreams - and it's a few steps away from the hidden beach that means so much to her.

Sylvia's Second Act - Hillary Yablon

Sylvia’s Second Act – Hillary Yablon

Growing older doesn't just mean growing wiser.

But it does mean a lot of fun...

When 63-year-old Sylvia finds her husband in bed with another woman, she's shocked and furious . . . at first. But by the time her head stops spinning, Sylvia realises she hates the retirement community she's living in - it's for old people. And she certainly doesn't feel old!

Island in the Sun - Katie Fforde 

Island in the Sun – Katie Fforde 

When Cass is asked by her father to take on an unusual photography project in the Caribbean Island of Dominica, she really can't see a reason to say no.
But the remote island has just been hit be a severe hurricane, leaving destruction in its wake.