The Second Chance – Charlotte Butterfield

The Second Chance - Charlotte Butterfield

Description: Nell has always known her expiry date.

After a psychic predicted her death date twenty years ago, she has lived life accepting she would never see forty – embracing adventure and travelling the world, choosing fun over commitment and laying down roots.

So, when the fateful day comes, Nell feels ready. She sends five excruciatingly honest confessions to her sister, parents and past loves, knowing she won’t be around to face the consequences. Then, with her heart laid bare, all that’s left to do is check into a glamorous hotel and wait for the inevitable…

But when Nell unexpectedly wakes up the next morning broke, single and very much alive, she must figure out exactly how to seize this second chance at life. And then it also hits her:

What on earth happens now that everyone knows how she really feels?

Why We Loved It
In The Second Chance, Charlotte Butterfield has created an utterly brilliant, thought-provoking novel.
Witty and full of delightful characters, this is a book that not only has compelling storylines but also makes you consider your own life choices.

Be prepared to lose several hours curled up with this glorious life-affirming and heartwarming book! 

One of our Favourite Fiction Books of 2024! Highly Recommended!