The Lifeline – Libby Page

The Lifeline - Libby Page

Everybody needs saving sometimes…’

For Kate, having a newborn baby means she is almost never alone. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t lonely. The move from London to Somerset with her husband Jay was supposed be the start of an exciting new chapter. But sometimes she can’t help but wonder if she turned the pages too soon . . .

Phoebe needs help. As a mental health nurse serving her community, the wellbeing of her patients has always come before her own. Yet there’s only so long she can pour from an empty cup.

Looking for a lifeline, Kate and Phoebe find a sense of community – and each other – through their local river swimming group. But when things get tough, they realise that good friends can both raise us up and stop us sinking.

Why We Loved It
Achingly honest and touching, The Lifeline is a beautiful book written by Libby Page. In every book that Libby writes we always feel that she is sharing part of her soul.

Her sensitive handling of the topics in this book is exceptional, making it both thought-provoking, but also uplifting.

Her descriptions are particularly vivid, whether it is the meadow and the river where they go wild swimming, the enormity of becoming a new mother, or even the first swim with a baby Libby pours her heart and soul into her writing. 
Libby’s books are always well researched, Lifeline is a particular tour de force.

Definitely one of our Favourite Fiction Reads of 2024!

We absolutely loved it! Very Highly Recommended.