My Creative Notebook


Welcome to My Creative Notebook, I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process and believe that everyone has their own personal collection of skills and abilities, which just needs time and encouragement to develop.

Finding the time and space to be creative is vital to sustain creativity, one of the most important actions in any day is to seize the moments which sometimes occur when you least expect it; to simply stand and stare, to be inspired by a beautiful view, hear a bird singing, or to watch your family laughing together. Treasure these moments; they form the rich tapestry of living in a creative way.

There are so many amazing sources of inspiration and I hope in this space to share ideas, thoughts, words, books, resources, art, photography, events and  interviews, which I hope you will enjoy and find inspiring.

Despite this space being rooted in technology, I see My Creative Notebook as a starting point from which to go and do things!

Little Stories of Your Life – Laura Pashby


Find Your Voice, Share Your World and Tell Your Story Description: Embrace the power of storytelling with Little Stories of Your Life. Start telling your own story, find your creative self and be more mindful. Combining the wellbeing benefits of mindfulness, creativity and daily photography, this book shows you how to use words and photographs to capture precious little moments and how to share these in order to connect with others. Each chapter explores the different ways you can tell your own stories, considers why you might choose to tell them and helps you to create a patchwork of tiny tales about your life, however...

Christmas Day – Sara James


Family secrets have kept them apart… could Christmas bring them together at last? During a heady holiday in France, Lori makes one mistake she hopes she can forget. Years later and Lori never thinks of that day - until her mistake makes himself known to her daughter, Ceri, insisting he's her father.

Interview with Sara James, author of Christmas Day

Sara James - Author - My Creative Notebook

Thank you. It was a mixture of things really: a story I heard (a friend of a friend) who didn’t know who had fathered her child until many years later. Also, I have four grown up children and I’m watching them go out into the world with their own aspirations, knowing that like all humans, they will make bad choices and good ones. I’ve always been fascinated by the actions we take in our twenties, how they have a knockdown effect throughout our lives, and sometimes our children’s lives as well.

Interview with Isla Gordon – Author of A Winter in Wonderland and many more…


I’d been brainstorming wintery book ideas and thought it would be fun to put somebody who is super un-festive in somewhere super festive. I did a little research and found that you can apply to do seasonal work in Lapland, one of the most Christmassy places on earth. From there, I just had to figure out how I’d convince my leading lady, Myla, to make the trip...

Interview with Poppy Alexander – Author of 12 days of Christmas and more…

Poppy Alexander Author - My Creative Notebook

I adore writing about the simple pleasures in life, so my books tend to revolve around love, friendship and community, set in beautiful places, as well as dealing with some of the more complex issues – a little grit in the oyster, if you like… (oops, get me, talking about food again!). I do like a plot device that contains a story within a short, specific time span and that’s something that works well for the eternally popular Christmas novel.

A Winter in Wonderland – Isla Gordon


Myla is the UK’s least-festive woman. Starting the year she found out the truth about Santa Claus, everything bad that’s ever happened to her occurs around Christmas. Nowadays, she wants nothing to do with this time of year, so of course she would lose the bet with her sister and be forced to put herself forward for a seasonal job in Lapland, welcoming tourists to Santa’s winter wonderland for the holidays.