The Un-Retirement – Penny Mirren

The Un-Retirement - Penny Mirren

Description: Meet foodie Maggie Lawford.

After spending her retirement travelling the world, she’s home again – and ready for a new adventure.

When Maggie’s daughter, Hannah, takes her to visit their favourite local restaurant, Maggie is heartbroken to find the place empty. But the last straw comes when Maggie realises the chef is at his wit’s end – she can’t resist charging into the kitchen and taking matters into her own hands.

Never one to give up without a fight, Maggie resolves to save their beloved restaurant from failure, and it’s not long before she has a military-grade plan to turn the place around again. Finding herself back at work, all she’ll need is support from Hannah and her cheeky granddaughter, Alice, as well as a little help from her neighbours.

After all, Maggie’s golden days aren’t behind her just yet…

Why We Loved It
As many people are seriously considering returning to work in their later years, this is a wonderfully uplifting book illustrating how it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Penny Mirren has created an inspiring character in Maggie, beautifully illustrating that age is just a number that can be ignored if you have passion and joie de vivre.

This delightful book also has recipes at the back of the book enabling the reader to recreate some of the dishes featured in the book.

Utterly charming, inspiring and heartwarming summer read! Highly Recommended!