The Memory Library – Kate Storey

The Memory Library - Kate Storey

If you were to build a library that has shaped your life, which books would you choose?

For forty-two years, Sally Harrison has been building a library.

Each year, on her daughter’s birthday, she adds a new book to her shelves – with a note in the front dedicated to her own greatest work.

But Ella – Sally’s only child – fled to Australia twenty-one years ago after a heated exchange, and never looked back. And though Sally still dutifully adds a new paperback to the shelves every time the clock strikes midnight on July 11th, her hopes of her daughter ever thumbing through the pages are starting to dwindle.

Then disaster strikes and Ella is forced to return to the home she once knew.

She is soon to discover that when one chapter ends, another will soon follow.

All you have to do is turn the page…

Journey through the pages of this heartwarming novel, where hope, friendship and second chances are written in the margins. Perfect for book lovers everywhere and fans of Sally Page’s The Keeper of Stories.

Why we Like it

The Memory Library by Kate Storey is one of the first books we’ve read this year and already destined to be one of our Favourite Fiction Books of 2024.

In this beautifully crafted book Kate
shares a love affair with books, family relationships, lost love and community; which together from the beautiful cover to the very last page create such a special book.

Poignant, uplifting and life-affirming, Kate Storey has created a thoughtful and utterly charming debut novel. We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!