A New York Winter – Isla Gordon

A New York Winter - Isla Gordon


Curl up this Christmas with the ultimate city escape, and get ready to fall in love with NYC. Will her dreams come true in the city that never sleeps?

When she was nineteen, on a magical trip to New York City, Ashling created a list of her five life goals. There, she’d felt inspired to dream big, but now, ten years later, with four out of five goals having crumbled before her, she realises she has only one option left to live the life she’s always dreamed of: move to New York City, before it’s too late.

Armed with a ninety-day visa, she’s sure that a winter in the city that never sleeps will help her finally get her life on track. However, after arriving in the Big Apple with nowhere to live, Ashling realises that she may be in over her head, until she meets River . . .

River is miserable. He’s newly single, recently demoted and feeling entirely lost, but sensing Ashling could do with the help, he offers her his sofa bed. Despite their clashing personalities, over the course of the winter, outgoing Ashling finds herself growing closer to quiet, geeky River – but is he just shy or is there another reason he’s holding back?

With snow falling on 5th Avenue, a Thanksgiving parade and a fun-filled Christmas in the most romantic city in the world, can Ashling once again learn to follow her dreams – and maybe even her heart?


Why We Loved It
This is an absolutely perfect read for this time of year! 
We love Isla’s writing and this is one of her best; there is so much wrapped up in this delightful book, soul-searching, family, a slow burn romance and a string of celebrations in New York City, plus a trip to Vermont!
This is a book to escape into, totally absorbing, 

like the best Christmas movies, Isla captures the spirit of New York City with her vivid descriptions she transports you to the famous landmarks, the celebrations, even the aromas and tastes of the food!

Coupled with warm family relationships and a gentle love story this is the most fabulous festive read! We absolutely adored it and didn’t want it to end!

One of our Favourite Festive Reads! Very Highly Recommended!