Creative Flow – Jocelyn de Kwant

Creative Flow - Jocelyn de KwantA Year in My Mindful Life


Discover the joy of a little creative activity every day!

Creative Flow is a mindful work-in journal with 365 simple prompts to encourage us all to spend a few minutes each day engaging with our creative impulses; a few minutes away from the stresses of the world to notice and appreciate what is around us, and to focus on simple pleasures.

With chapters on nature, the senses, eating, playing and exploring, this book is packed full of ways to draw, write, meditate, observe and imagine, most without having to leave your home.

Work your way through the book day by day, or pick and choose from the huge range of easy exercises in mindful awareness and creativity.


• meditating to shake up your morning routine

• doodling 3D objects

• tasting new food combinations

• drawing your favourite scent

• putting on some music and writing what comes to mind

Make this workbook your own and set your imagination free.

Why We Like it

This is an absolutely delightful book with vibrant illustrations by Sanny Van Loon, encouraging daily creativity.

The author, Jocelyn, explains how easy it is to rush from one activity to the next, never stopping to take time for yourself, and so she has created this wonderful collection of uplifting and mindful activities, designed to help you to stop and reconnect with the world around you.

As illustrated in the list above, the range of suggestions is extensive, there are 365 different suggestions, but that number is deceptive because within many of the suggestions, are further ideas to develop the theme, from the very easy, to the more in-depth.

Whatever your interests there is something for everyone in this collection.

Some of these activities can also be done as a family, providing the perfect creative escape.

This is destined to be one of our favourite creative books for 2021.

Highly Recommended!

Creative Flow – Jocelyn de Kwant

A Year in My Mindful Life

Published by Leaping Hare Press

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