Seize the Moment

seaside misty morning

This is one of my favourite photographs, and in the link to one of my other websites, is the one with most likes on Instagram. What I love is the peace and tranquility that this scene creates; taken early in the morning in February it shows a harbour before the ferry starts running, the working boats arrive and any major activity takes place on the water. At a time of year when storms can rush into tiny harbours, the water is amazingly calm, allowing the harbourside buildings to be reflected like a mirror.

I love the way the mist clings to the top of the hill, knowing that there is a castle hidden behind, and watching as it gently peels back, revealing more and more of the view as it moves.

But it is the pop of red in the boat that I love the most, as if positioned there deliberately to draw the eye as it stands out from the grey of the sea and the sky.

As an artist I wish I could create this scene in a watercolour painting, but as a photographer, I am so grateful that I was in that exact spot at that moment when nature created its own picture.