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Welcome to My Creative Notebook, I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process and believe that everyone has their own personal collection of skills and abilities, which just needs time and encouragement to develop.

Finding the time and space to be creative is vital to sustain creativity, one of the most important actions in any day is to seize the moments which sometimes occur when you least expect it; to simply stand and stare, to be inspired by a beautiful view, hear a bird singing, or to watch your family laughing together. Treasure these moments; they form the rich tapestry of living in a creative way.

There are so many amazing sources of inspiration and I hope in this space to share ideas, thoughts, words, books, resources, art, photography, events and  interviews, which I hope you will enjoy and find inspiring.

Despite this space being rooted in technology, I see My Creative Notebook as a starting point from which to go and do things!

Interview with Becky Hunter, Author

Interview with Becky Turner, Author

What was your inspiration behind One Moment?  There were a couple of ways into the idea for me. The first one is quite sad – a few years ago, I lost a close friend of mine. Sophie was only 28, and she died very suddenly of a brain aneurism. I was volunteering in Mozambique at the time, and had been out of signal all day. I remember coming into the signal area and seeing lots of missed calls and messages – people telling me to call them. When I found out the news, I completely broke down – I remember...

The Forever Garden – Rosanna Ley

The Forever Garden - Rosanna Ley

Amid the sun-soaked hills of southern Italy lies the Romano family olive grove, where Lara lives with her daughter Rose and her granddaughter Bea.

Lara has spent a lifetime trying to forget the traumatic events that led to her desperate escape from Dorset seventy years ago...

The Queue – Alexandra Heminsley

The Queue - Alexandra Heminsley

Three strangers. Ten miles. One life-changing day...

Suzie is 69 and has been keeping a secret for most of her life. She'd do anything to have her beloved Colin with her today, of all days, but she's hoping that the long walk ahead will be a first chapter in a new life without him....

The Invisible Women’s Club – Helen Paris

Ignored.Seventy-something Janet Pimm is invisible. Spending most of her days alone, she tends her beloved allotment with the care and love she doesn’t receive from people. Plants, Janet thinks, are more important than friends. Overlooked.Janet’s neighbour, Bev, has reached the age when a cloak of invisibility threatens to descend. Her friendly advances are rebuffed by Janet, but when the council threatens to close the allotments, Janet must swallow her pride and enlist Bev’s help. But they’re about to prove everyone wrong.As the two join forces, Janet realises that she isn’t happy to be a wallflower after all. And that maybe...

Ever After by Kate Eberlen

Ever After by Kate Eberlen

Tess and Gus are strangers when their lives collide one sun-drenched morning in Florence, but it feels as if fate has brought them together.

One their return to rainy London, will their love be strong enough to survive the challenges of their complicated lives?

A Secret Cornish Summer by Phillipa Ashley

A Secret Cornish Summer by Phillipa Ashley

When Eden steps out of her beautiful coastal cottage to find a Speedo-wearing, suntanned stranger doing yoga in next door's garden, she is immediately on her guard. Since her ex-husband betrayed her in the worst possible ways, she has kept her distance from all men, taking refuge in her start-up coffee business.