Hope and Happiness in Bluebell Wood – Ali McNamara


Description: Welcome to Bluebell Wood where the sun shines, the locals are kind and there’s something more than a little bit magical about the place.

Ava loves city life but when something happens to make her feel unsafe, she retreats to the calm and quiet of Bluebell Wood. The once high-flying Ava now locks herself away in her fairy-tale cottage, only leaving to explore the trails of the nearby woods or to potter in the garden with her dog, Merlin.

When Ava begins to feed the wild birds that flock to her bird table, they start leaving her trinkets of appreciation in return. The gifts seem innocent at first, but they soon seem to take on a deeper meaning. 

It isn’t until Ava meets Callum, the handsome parish priest, that she can’t help but wonder if the birds might have been trying to get her out of the house all along. But will their curious behaviour help to heal Ava, and transform her and Callum into the lovebirds they clearly long to be?


Why We Like It
Ali McNamara’s writing is exquisite, we love so many of her books and Hope and Happiness in Bluebell Wood is another delightful example. 
In every book Ali always creates a sense of community and also manages to include a sparkle of her own very special magic dust, and this book is another beautiful opportunity to escape to another time and place.

A wonderful, gentle, uplifting summer read! Highly Recommended!

We were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Ali about the inspiration behind  Hope and Happiness in Bluebell Wood and some of her other bestselling novels, and her advice for aspiring novelists. Head over to our Interviews section to find out more.