Watercolour Plant Art – 20 prints to paint and frame – Nikki Strange


Synopsis: Learn to paint your favourite botanicals in watercolour through 20 visual step-by-step projects, plus a handy 25-sheet sketchpad with outlines of all the designs

A modern twist on watercolour flower painting – learn to paint your houseplants in the comfort of your own home.

London-based designer Nikki Strange takes you through 20 highly visual step-by-step projects. New and budding artists can learn to paint beautiful leafy balms, exotic flowers, succulents and more, so you can create a modern artwork that you’ll love to display in your home, use as stationery or proudly give to your friends and family. 

The process of studying and recreating each plant is described in clear step-by-step instructions, accompanied by stunning photography and a clean, contemporary design. In addition, a 25-sheet sketchpad with outlines of all the projects faintly printed on the pages is attached to the book for you to draw and paint on, so you can get started right away.


Why I Like It
This is an absolutely delightful book, in effect two books in one, a visual step-by-step guide plus a 25 sheet sketchpad with outlines of the projects. 

The content includes: 

Getting Started – which is a very helpful section including;
Being a better artist watercolour pans & inks
Equipment Colour, including creating a colour wheel
How to mix greens which is really helpful for the projects in the book
Ways of working 
Botanical Projects –  which includes detailing the materials, the watercolour inks and colour mixes, plus step-by-step instructions and photographic illustrations of how to create each plant with the option of either creating it yourself or using the pre-drawn sketch. 

Included are the following examples: 
 Palm Leaves
– Monstera
– Banana Leaves
– Barrel Cactus
– Mini Orange Tree
– Eucalyptus
– Spotted Begonia
– Inch Plant
– Snake Plant
– Purple Shamrock
– Succulent
– Chinese Money Plant
– Rubber Plant
– Dried Flowers
– Fern Frond
– Calathea
– Anthurium
– English Ivy
– Palm Leaf & Abstract Background
– Decorative Wreath

 Watercolour Plant Art is not only a delightful way to relax but also a wonderful way to start creating your own watercolour prints of your favourite plants. Highly Recommended! 

Watercolour Plant Art – 20 prints to paint and frame – Nikki Strange – published by Search Press