The view from my window

The View from my Window - My Creative Notebook

All my life I have been easily distracted by the view through a window, starting from my years in a sixth form art block gazing at the cathedral in the distance. This distraction eventually became the inspiration for my final fabric printing submission. I love the sense of calm that a beautiful view can bring, it may be the sky, but it can often be the way the window forms a natural picture frame.

Whenever I am fortunate to be living, or staying near the coast with a sea view l often rush from inside the house to photograph endless spectacular sunsets that I have seen from behind the glass. When going out for a meal by the sea, my preference is always to have the table with a view, gazing out over water lifts the soul. Constantly changing, the sea and sky compete for my attention.

Now living more inland, my view is more restricted, our garden is tiny, but even with the most microscopic of gardens, little miracles can occur. It is December and yet there are tomatoes ripening on the window-sill, no greenhouse beauties these, but grown and nurtured by my daughter. Carefully picked from our still flourishing tomato plant purchased for 50p from our local garden centre at the end of the season.

I love colours and textures and for me every part of this view tells a story.

The View from my Window - My Creative NotebookThe blue bottles have been in my collection for many years, each one added over time, and carefully wrapped for each house move. When the children were little they became part of a story of good fairies and naughty fairies that lived inside. Only one has a cork and that kept the naughty fairy safely tucked away! Now I smile at the memory and love the way that the light shines through them.

Behind the bottles an olive tree grows, it came with the house, but it serves as a reminder of the matching one that we have in a pot at the front, it brings comfort and stability and reminds me of beautiful olive groves growing in Tuscany. Beyond the olive tree we have two contrasting trees, the beautiful bay tree, still flourishing and growing despite the chill, and the apple tree, branches now bare but reminding me of the delicious fruit that it gave us during the summer.

Next to the apple tree are the striking colours of the geranium, still in flower and protected by the warmth of the wall behind. Finally in the distance the beautiful reds of the leaves in the tree next door, glowing in the remains of the winter sunshine. This garden may be petite, but I love the ever-changing view, as the sun makes its way across the sky and when we are rewarded with a full moon at night.

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