The Summer Holiday – Jo Clegg



Two weeks. Two families. What could possibly go wrong…? Claire Swift can’t think of anything worse than another holiday with the Wellbeloved family. The last trip together was a complete disaster – yet somehow, despite Claire’s best efforts, they’re all off to the Cornish coast again this summer.

So, this time she’s coming prepared. 

But becoming a domestic goddess to keep up with perfect Honor Wellbeloved isn’t easy – especially when Claire is known for being clumsy and burns every meal she makes. And it’s not long before her carefully laid plans are going spectacularly wrong.

It’s only two weeks, what’s the worst that can happen?

Why we like it

In The Summer Holiday Jo Clegg has created a very relatable and funny novel. She writes about situations that many of us will recognise, but there are also some extremes that we may prefer not to experience!

As she works through the different challenges there is also a clear message about self-belief and having the confidence to recognise your own unique set of talents.

A thoughtful summer read! Highly Recommended!