The Last Reunion – Kayte Nunn


Description: War would bring them together.
But would it ultimately tear them apart?

Burma, 1945.

Bea, Plum, Bubbles, Joy and Lucy are five young women looking for adventure, fighting a forgotten war in the jungle attached to the Fourteenth Army. Running a mobile canteen, navigating treacherous roads and dodging hostile gunfire, they soon become embroiled in life-threatening battles of their own – battles that will haunt the women for the rest of their lives.

Oxford, 1976. At the height of an impossibly hot English summer, a woman slips into a museum and steals several rare Japanese netsuke, including the famed fox-girl. Despite the offer of a considerable reward, these tiny, exquisitely detailed carvings are never seen again.

London and Galway, 1999. On the eve of the new millennium, Olivia, assistant to an art dealer, meets Beatrix, an elderly widow who wishes to sell her late husband’s collection of Japanese art. Concealing her own motives, Olivia travels with Beatrix to a New Year’s Eve party, deep in the Irish countryside, where friendships will be tested and secrets kept for more than fifty years are spilled…

Why We Liked it

Based on her research about the Burma campaign of the Second World War which has often been referred to as ‘The Forgotten War. The women of the Women’s Auxiliary Service WAS(B) were recruited from England, India and Australia, and served alongside the soldiers, enduring the same arduous conditions and often operating under enemy fire. 

In The Last Reunion, Kayte Nunn has taken this  research and written a powerful, intriguing novel, capturing different timelines with a skilled hand. The way the book moves through the different time periods keeps the reader completely absorbed until the very last page. A deeply moving and compelling story of bravery, loyalty and enduring friendships. Highly Recommended!