The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside – Jessica Ryn


Description: She’s not lost. She’s just waiting to be found…

Dawn Elisabeth Brightside has been running from her past for twenty-two years and two months, precisely. So when she is offered a bed in St Jude’s Hostel for the Homeless, it means so much more than just a roof over her head.

But with St Jude’s threatened with closure, Dawn worries that everything is about to crumble around her all over again. Perhaps, with a little help from her new friends, she can find a way to save this light in the darkness?

And maybe, just maybe, Dawn will finally have a place to call home….

The utterly charming feel-good debut novel of 2021 about friendship, community and kindness to curl up with.

Why We Like It

Beautifully written, in The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside, Jessica Ryn has conveyed so much meaning about love, friendship, despair and hope.
She has created a cast of characters that are so realistic, it is impossible not to feel invested in them and their futures.
Emotional, moving, heart-warming but ultimately hopeful; as a debut novel, this is outstanding. Highly Recommended!