The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club – Josie Lloyd


Description: Sometimes we need our friends to help us find our feet

When Keira first receives her breast cancer diagnosis, she doesn’t want to have to tell her family, or step back from work. She doesn’t want to sit in a hospital, or be part of a group of fellow cancer patients. Cancer is not her club.

But as she accepts that her health is no longer something she can rely on, Keira finds herself embracing running. And running in the company of a group of brilliant, funny women each going through treatment unexpectedly gives Keira the hope she needs.

Because the C-word is not going to define Keira’s identity. And with the Cancer Ladies’ Running Club cheering her on, she’s going to reclaim her life.
One step at a time.

Life isn’t always the race we expected to run but this moving and uplifting novel is full of hope and about love, family, friendship and the power of finding your tribe.

Why we liked it

This is an intensely moving and powerful book, but it is also an important book and this is highlighted in the Author’s Q&A at the back of the book when Josie is asked, ‘What is the main thing that you would like readers to take away from this book?’ and she answers, I’d like it to be a moving, informative, but ultimately uplifting read, not just for people who have had cancer, but for everyone else too’…. 

There is much more to her answer, but she has more than achieved that initial aim, her narrative throughout the book is honest, raw, but also uplifting, sharing both the reality of daily life, but also the power of friendship that can support you through the hardest of times. It’s a book you will never forget reading.

Highly Recommended!

This is such an important book to include in our Favourite Fiction Reads of 2021.