Sunrise by the Sea – Jenny Colgan


Description: In a quaint seaside resort, a charming bakery holds the key to another world…

Marisa Rosso is struggling. Since the death of her beloved grandfather back home in Italy, she can’t seem to find a way out of her grief.

So when her flatmate offers her one of his uncle’s rentals on a tiny and remote tidal island off the Cornish Coast, Marisa jumps at the opportunity. Perhaps some solitude is just what she needs to combat her homesickness and rediscover her equilibrium.

But Mount Polbearne is a far cry from the sleepy little place she was imagining. Between her noisy Russian piano-teaching neighbour and the hustle and bustle of a busy community, Marisa finds solitude is not so easy to come by. Especially when she finds herself somehow involved with a tiny local bakery desperately in need of some new zest to save it …

Why We Like It

We love Jenny Colgan’s books, but the Little Beach Street Bakery series set in the Cornish coastal island of Mount Polbearne is definitely one of our favourites. As you open the pages it’s like returning home and meeting your best-loved friends.

What we particularly liked about Sunrise by the Sea was the introduction of two new characters and the careful and sensitive way that Jenny writes about very real human struggles, but also illustrates the uplifting power of community, family and love.

Utterly charming, moving and brilliantly written. Highly Recommended!