Rise and Shine Benedict Stone – Phaedra Patrick



Benedict Stone has lost his sparkle. He’s stuck in a rut, business at his jewellery shop has dried up, and his beloved wife Estelle has moved out of their family home. He’s desperate to win her back, but doesn’t know how.

So, when Benedict’s teenage niece Gemma turns up on his doorstep unexpectedly and uninvited, it’s the last thing he needs. And after finding out Benedict and Estelle have separated, Gemma makes it her mission to reunite them. Can she help Benedict turn his life around?

**Previously published as Wishes Under The Willow Tree**


Why We Liked It 
We loved Phaedra’s previous books especially The Library of Lost and Found, and Rise and Shine Benedict Stone is equally delightful. It is a beautifully written, utterly charming story about family, secrets and the importance of second chances. What we particularly liked was the way that Phaedra has woven gemstones and their meanings into the book and the situations faced by the different characters.

A warm, uplifting and very special book. We loved it! Highly Recommended!