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Pause for a Moment - My Creative Notebook

In the run up to the festive season, life can hurtle along more than usual and many of us find life hectic enough normally; which is why it’s really important to try and take as many opportunities to hit the pause button, if only for a few moments.

This time of year can be very difficult as we approach the shortest day, as many of us go to work in the dark and return in the dark, the only sight of daylight for many people may be through the office window as they eat their lunch at their desks.

Being really present for even just one moment can be surprisingly difficult, our minds are so often full of other things, plus there are so many noisy interruptions; slowing down enough to even start to be present can take some practice.

But, when you do have those moments, treasure them, whether first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or even moments during the day, take time to be silent. People have long advocated the benefits of the power nap, but stillness in the mind is equally beneficial. Just allow the tension to drift away, and as you extend those moments allow your natural creativity to emerge. So many people equate apparent busyness with productivity, but from moments spent in silent thought can emerge the most exquisite creations.

As we look forward to 2019, here are three inspiring books that can help pave the way to a more uplifting, thoughtful and motivated way of living.

You Are What You Think

365 Meditations for Extraordinary Living by DR. WAYNE W. DYER 

Synopsis: One of Hay House’s most beloved authors, known worldwide as “the father of motivation,” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer was at the forefront of the personal transformation movement for decades. So many of us were touched by Wayne’s charismatic yet grounded way of speaking and writing. You may fondly remember watching one of his PBS specials or seeing him speak onstage at the many events he so loved doing throughout the years. Perhaps you were browsing a bookstore and found yourself drawn to a title, only to discover words that would change the course of the rest of your life . . . Or perhaps this is your first encounter with the wisdom of Wayne, and you’re not quite sure what this book has in store for you!

In this collection of quotes spanning Wayne’s decades-long career, you’ll find witty bon mots that make you laugh, enigmatic phrases that make you think, and wise passages that remind you of the power of your beliefs. You’ll see how his focus shifted through the years, from discussing the way of no-limit living and empowering people to free themselves of their excuses, to finding inspiration through living “in-Spirit” and discovering the beauty of the Tao. As you read a quote each day, or flip through the pages at random to find insight, we hope you take to heart the meaning behind one of Wayne’s favorite sayings:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

From a lifetime of inspiring others Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s uplifting quotes in You Are What You Think are a wonderful source of daily wisdomhelping you to reflect, and be inspired.

 How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

10th Anniversary Editionby  DAVID R. HAMILTON, PHD

Synopsis: There is no longer any doubt that the way we think affects our bodies. For former pharmaceutical scientist Dr David Hamilton, the testing of new drugs highlighted how profoundly the mind and body are connected. Time and time again, the control group of patients in drug trials improved at similar rates to those who received the medicines.

This bestselling acclaimed book was first published 10 years ago. In it, Dr Hamilton explores the effect of visualization, belief and positive thinking on the body, and shows how using our imagination and mental processes can stimulate our own defences and healing systems to combat disease, pain and illness.

 In this new edition, Dr Hamilton has added four new chapters to discuss the latest cutting-edge information and extraordinary new techniques. These include using imagery to stimulate the immune system – a method that can benefit cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment – effectively using the mind to speed up rehabilitation from stroke, and powerful visualization strategies to help facilitate recovery from injury and illness.

In How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, Dr David Hamilton highlights how profoundly the mind and body are connected and explores the effect of visualization, belief and positive thinking on the body.

This Works

How to Use Mindfulness to Calm the Hell Down and Just Be Happy by  PADDY BROSNAN

Synopsis: Former investment advisor turned committed Buddhist shares a simple introduction to the deep wisdom and transformative practice of mindfulness. Everyone is talking about mindfulness, but how does it actually work and how can it help you?

Mindfulness is a simple yet radical practice that can completely transform your life. Paddy Brosnan worked for many years as an investment advisor but felt trapped in a cycle of anxiety and anger. When he began practising mindfulness every day, he found that his relationships became more profound, his interactions with others more honest and his daily frustrations and anxieties simply vanished. In other words, mindfulness helped him calm down, and he became truly happy.

This Works is the collection of tools and exercises that Paddy teaches in his workshops and events, and includes examples of everyday mindfulness from his own family life. It shows you that literally anyone can learn to meditate, and you don’t have to become a Buddhist monk to be truly zen. Through simple daily exercises, you’ll learn that mindfulness is not something you do, but something you are.

Or, put simply, mindfulness can help you be truly happy.

This is a very down to earth and easy approach to mindfulness. With clear and simple techniques that anyone can use every day,

 As we move into 2019 do try and take the time to stop and take that moment, and celebrate everything that you have achieved, acknowledge those very special people in your life and resolve that whatever 2019 brings try to regularly pause and take time to breathe!

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