Hashtag Authentic – Sara Tasker


Finding creativity and building a community on Instagram and beyond

 In Hashtag Authentic, social media guru Sara Tasker provides tips, advice and guidance on how to turn your personal Instagram account into a profitable creative outlet.

Since setting up her Instagram account (me_and_orla) while on maternity leave in 2013, Sara has become a celebrated influencer and iPhoneographer, and through her calm, atmospheric and authentic style has garnered legions of followers. Here, Sara presents the lessons she has learned along the way.

Sara’s nurturing voice and enchanting photography provide guidance on:

Storytelling, with tips on finding your own visual style and personal niche.
Making pictures, including composing for Instagram, finding the best light and getting the most out of your camera phone.
Archiving your life, with tips organized by themes like Craft & Making, Family & Pets and Food & Ingredients.
Sharing your world, detailing the keys to Instagram success and beyond.

Hashtag Authentic is both an inspiring manual and an interactive tool for finding an online voice, growing a tribe and becoming an influencer.


Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker, White Lion Publishing, rrp £16.99

Why I Like it
Although the book may initially be described as being about how to turn your personal Instagram account into a profitable creative outlet, there is so much more in this carefully constructed and delightful book. Sara’s voice can be heard throughout this book in a very honest and authentic way, sharing her personal experiences and giving valuable advice about visual storytelling and improving your photography skills and much more.

There are thought-provoking exercises including Identifying your favourite parts in a day, Naming Your Visual Style and Listening to Yourself, there is also essential advice about staying safe on line and the need to recognise that there is a life outside Instagram. In fact some of the most inspiring parts of the book are about Storytelling and Making Pictures which has a relevance to anyone interested in photography, or seeking to be more creative.

I particularly liked the chapters about The Simple Secrets of Composition and Chasing Light , which are packed full with really helpful practical advice and inspiration.

Whether you want to create more thoughtful Instagram posts, improve your photography, take time to journal, or inspire your creativity this is a wonderful gift to give to yourself, or another fellow creative. Highly Recommended!