Botanical Illustration from Life – Işik Güner


A visual guide to observing, drawing and painting plants 

Synopsis: Observe, draw, paint, explore and master the art of botanical illustration.

Award-winning botanical artist Işik Güner shares her passion for drawing and painting living plants from around the world. Her work is both artistically accomplished and scientifically accurate, and will inspire you to master the skills you need to produce your own botanical illustrations from life.

• Discover how to select, preserve and position your specimens.
• Develop your understanding of perspective and composition.
• Learn the techniques of drawing and watercolour painting.

With the help of Ekin Özbiçer’s striking photography and numerous illustrations by Işik and other renowned botanical artists, this visually stunning book bridges the gap between science and art and will inspire artists, illustrators, botanists and plant lovers in equal measure.

Why I like it

Işik Güner is incredibly talented, it is very easy to see why she is an award-winning botanical artist. 

Supported by Ekin Özbiçer’s stunning photography and numerous illustrations by Işik  and other botanical artists, Botanical Illustration From Life is an absolutely beautiful book.

There is so much helpful advice and detail, the content includes the following key stages: Start,Observe, Draw, Paint, Explore, Master and each section is packed with fascinating information.
Start is about the history of botanical illustration and its importance in the recording of plants. In Observe there is detailed information about how to observe plants in their habitat and how to select which plants to preserve and draw. In Draw, there is detailed guidance on how to draw; from the correct posture, and materials to the precise detail of how to draw. There are pages and pages of detailed examples about perspective, composition and drawing. The Painting chapter is equally detailed, illustrating how to mix colours, create colour contast, perspective, texture and finally the actual act of painting. In Explore Işik takes us outdoors searching amid stunning scenery for examples and how to identify species.

The Master stage gives helpful advice about finding your own style and how to master your own technique, including inspiration from other artists.

This is an absolutely wonderful book, full of inspiration and encouragement. Highly Recommended!