Be Great Be Grateful – A Gratitude Journal by Patternity

Be Great - Be Greatful - My Creative NotebookSynopsis:

What are you grateful for? An original, design-led gratitude journal with unique creative exercises, playful prompts and uplifting quotes, developed and designed by the pioneering creative organisation PATTERNITY.

Featuring gratitude logs, creative exercises, playful prompts, uplifting quotes and free -flow pages, this simple, three-stage programme will inspire, empower, and improve your happiness and well being. Developed and designed by leading creative organisation PATTERNITY using their unique insight and research. Complete with a stylish flexi-cover case and beautiful paper for writing.

Gratitude is powerful. It makes us feel happier, healthier and more hopeful.

Since launching in 2009 PATTERNITY have received international recognition for their research-based approach to pattern design and experience. In their first journal they encourage the reader to develop more positive and empowering patterns of behaviour. Improve your happiness and well being with their innovative and original three-stage programme, featuring gratitude logs, imaginative exercises, thought- provoking prompts, inspiring quotes and free-flow pages. PATTERNITY have collaborated with a range of partners across the globe in a range of fields from science to spirituality, wellbeing and creativity to explore the visual – and non-visual – patterns that shape personal experience and culture at large.

Why I liked it

I love the positive nature of this journal; PATTERNITY believe that patterns can be an empowering and inspiring lens with which to help people design more positive and purposeful lives. I love the categories for reflection and the quality of the pages in the journal which encourages the user to write on them. The images throughout are stunning and thought provoking. The language used is beautiful and uplifting, “From dappled bananas and turquoise stripy shutters to a cosmic constellation of bubbles that emerged in your glass overnight, inspirational everyday encounters really are everywhere. We just need to open our eyes to see them.” They also encourage the users of the journal to share their own moments with PATTERNITY through social media. An absolutely gorgeous and inspiring journal!

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